About Style Design Rock Roll 

STYLE DESIGN ROCK ROLL is a Toronto-based design team, who have modernized the market for deconstructed and reconstructed clothing, Known for their ability to combine an innate sense of originality and style with the inspiration they find in their day-to-day lives, STYLE DESIGN ROCK ROLL has an incomparable way of satisfying the consumer’s desire for expression.  Whether through their high quality, extraordinarily detailed designs or the creative customization of couture items, STYLE DESIGN ROCK ROLL bring out the inner rock star in every person that wears there clothing..

STYLE DESIGN ROCK ROLL has also been making waves in the world of music and celebrity. They can already boast a clientele of celebrities and bands who commissioned them for their customized clothing for the stage, red carpet, music videos and album cover shoots. Some of STYLE DESIGN ROCK ROLL celebrity clientelle includes Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace) Sum 41, Billy Talent, Richie Sambora, Criss Angell, Mickey Rourke, Jada Pinkette Smith, Hinder, Chris Nunez (Miami Ink) Randy Coture, Howie Mandel, Linkin Park, Chad Kroeger, Edwin (I Mother Earth) Apocolyptica, Eagles of Death Metal, Saukrates and FeFe Dobson. Documentary film maker Rob Stewart wore STYLE DESIGN ROCK ROLL to the premier of his film Sharkwater and was voted most boldest dressed by VH1…but surprisingly, it all began with one the most famous faces (and voices) of our generation, Lenny Kravitz.